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I was born on a Tuesday in May of 1983. My first name was derived from my paternal grandfather's middle name, and my middle from my maternal uncle's. I sucked my thumb until I was 7 or 8 years old, which well into adulthood I assumed caused my asymmetric clubbed thumb. (More than likely, it was genetics and I am a mutant.)

I lived in Arlington, Texas the majority of my life. It remains the largest city in the United States without public transportation. My father was a photographer for the newspaper, and my mother worked for an airline. My sister was seven and a half years older than I was and did a great deal in shaping my personality throughout the years.

We got our first computer when I was about 11. I originally wanted a computer to play games on (Monkey Island, Return to Zork, Doom and Maniac Mansion), but after my father brought home Photoshop 2.5 for us to all play with, and after I taught myself to code web pages to impress friends in chat rooms, the computer evolved into as much of a tool as it was a toy.

I had a few jobs at boutique web design and advertising companies starting in 1999 when I was 16. I attended school where I graduated in 2009 with a BFA in New Media. I was immediately hired on at Intuit after graduating, and moved to Austin Texas where I happily reside.

In the future, I hope to find (or create) a place where I can apply my skills to a variety of projects, and change lives with better organization; more exciting aesthetics; and more engaging interaction - even if it's on a small scale. I want to work with talented people who challenge me, and keep me sharp and interested in what we do. I want to work for clients who understand the value of good design, and to have something I've created that I can brag about to my friends.

Bicycles, travel, cinema, cocktails, food, fashion, video games, board games, history, music, art, writing and photography are all hobbies outside of design. I'm naturally self-effacing, upbeat, positive, jovial and meticulous. I've been a vegetarian for several years, and am a "live and let live" Christian. I don't read, relax or exercise enough. My pet peeves are when my house is dirty or cluttered; when I receive unnecessary eMails; and lastly I have a terrible phobia of bitewing dental x-rays.


1100 Angelina St Austin, TX 78702-2002

Walter Coots

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Feel free to email me to schedule an appointment to go over my work in person.